TOTALInsurance Specials

Eco Saving
Electricity rates hikes are imminent, not to mention an escalation in rates and taxes. So, what can you do to keep your wallet healthy? For a start you can take out insurance cover to replace that burst electricity-guzzling geyser of yours with a rand-saving green version. 
The World Under Cover
So you love to jet set – shopping in Dubai, golfing in Miami – the world is your playground. Just make sure that your assets are covered worldwide. Make the call to activate all risks cover to suit your needs.
Second Hand Value
Ever had your vehicle stolen or trashed and then discovered that replacement value is not quite what you had in mind? Does your current insurance cover the replacement value of your vehicle or the actual purchase price? Which would you prefer? Now you can get cover that insures you for the invoice price of your vehicle not its second hand value. 
Grands in your Hands
How’s your long December break fund doing? How’s your saving for that new car coming along? How about that deposit for a new home? If the Piggy Bank isn’t as fat as you’d like it to be, then it’s time to talk money market investment options. Starting from as little as R200 you could soon be happily funding your dreams.
A Car Romance
Face it – you love your car. You agonise about every tiny scratch, every miniscule mark. Your heart swells when you see your pride and joy shining and perfect. And you want to keep it that way. That’s why you make sure you have the right scratch and dent cover in place.
Mission Possible
Do you get a shock when you see the monthly debit for your insurance premium? You can do without that kind of shock. Find out what impacts on your insurance premium, and how you can make it more cost effective.
Work It
If you mostly work from your home office and hardly spend any time on the road, then Pay per K insurance is right up your alley. 
Insurance terms and conditions can be soooo confusing! Get clued up and find out what you actually get for your premium. 
Say No More
Imagine a day without your cellphone. Imagine no chats, no news, no mails, no messages, no tweets, no nothing. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Get cellphone cover that’s not linked to your service provider with premiums from as low as R33 per month. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll be covered for theft, smash and grab, accidental loss, and accidental damage, including water damage.
Low premiums, doesn’t affect your NCB. Telephonic underwriting and claims.
Losing a Loved One
When you’re dealing with the pain of losing someone close to you, the last thing you need is the added stress of funeral expenses. Now you can get funeral cover for the whole family, including extended family members, from just R45 per month. Expect understanding and quick claim settlement.
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